Stripper Won't Dance For Bands

A Nevada Stripper says bands won't make her dance after a group of rappers showered her with what she found out later were counterfeit bills.

Champagne Lewis, a dancer at the Loose Kitty, says she thought had hit the jackpot. "It was raining bills. It was a more money than I had ever made in one night, I was like daaaaayum I can finally get these bullet wounds and stretch marks removed. It wasn't til Alize was counting the money did we realize something was up and they were gone by then."

Man Ordered to Pay $300 for Sweating Out Woman's Weave

A New Jersey Man has been ordered to pay $300 to a woman to replace her weave after sweating it out during sex.

Quesadilla Combs said although she enjoyed the one night stand, her hair was supposed to last for at least 3 more weeks.

New Facebook App To Detect and Block Haters, Thirsties

Facebook users concerned about privacy were given a new alternative as AntiSpi Inc launched a new app Bitch, No.

Bitch, No promises to detect haters, exes, thirsties, and your current significant other exes and or childs parents from accessing your facebook wall and keeping up date with your current activities. The app also detects users who visit your page who appear to have no life or business of their own, thus their repeated visits to your page.

Keri Hilson Still In Critical Condition Suffering 3rd Degree Wig Snatching After Beyonce Release

Doctors are saying Keri Hilson has stabilized but is still in critical condition after the surprise release of Beyonce's fifth studio album.

"It was really touch and go in the first few hours after the release" Marvin Combs, Head Surgeon at FD Medical Center informed us. "I've never seen scalp injuries from a wig snatching this bad. Honestly, she's lucky to be alive."

Tamela Mann Denied Access To the King

In a surprising decision by Heaven's Supreme Court, singer, songwriter and actress Tamela Mann was denied access to the King, Lord God Almighty in a 6-3 ruling.

Legal battles started earlier this year when Mann filed a petition to be taken to the King, but was refused for insuffient offering. Mann had been quoted saying herself that she 'didn't have much to bring' but thought she should still be allowed to see God.

Michelle Williams: I Still Don't Know Who Keyshia Cole Is

In a candid interview with the Wardback Press, Michelle Williams member of Destiny's Child admitted she still doesn't know who Keyshia Cole is. "I heard about some tweet or something from some blogger or basketball players wife. I still don't know who it is or what her problem with me is. I was at the superbowl performing and I left a broadway play to do that."

When told that Keyshia Cole had apologized for her remarks during the halftime show, Michelle responded with a "who?"