Elderly White Woman Shocked Black Youth Didn't Rob Her

An area elderly woman is still reeling after encountering a black youth that didn't snatch her purse as he walked by.

"It just caught me completely off guard" Melinda Wilson, 64 said. "I thought thats what most of them did for a living"

Wilson said as she heard the black teenager approaching, she immediately clutched her purse close to her and waited to be attacked. "I braced myself for the worst, I closed my eyes and held my breath. I was overwhelmed when he just kept walking."

Congressional Probe To Investigate if Kelly Price Was Booked

A Congressional probe began today investigating allegations that Kelly Price wasn't booked during her appearance on R & B Divas L.A.

During several scenes of the TV One original show, Kelly Price claimed she couldn't keep dates with her castmates because she was "booked".

Woman's Edges Tells Tale of Abuse, Neglect

(Jacksonville, Florida) A Florida woman's edges are in protective custody after saying they suffered years of abuse at the hands of their owner.

Dasani Flowers, 40, is being charged with not properly caring for her edges in a cycle of abuse they say went on for more than 20 years.

National Weather Service Issues Winter Weather Advisory for Side B*tches and Jumpoffs

With record low temperatures this season, The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Winter Weather Advisory for Side Bitches and Jumpoffs saying they'll need to find their own man to help keep warm.

Teen Sentenced to 10 Years For Stepping on Crack And Breaking Mother's Back

The judge called it "complete and utter disregard for the safety of one's mother" as he sentenced 17 year old Hil'Larious Brown to 10 Years in prison for stepping on a side walk crack and subsequently breaking his mother's back.

Supreme Court Rules No Fats No Fems Ban Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court made a ruling today that some say will help stop discrimination within the gay community by striking down the Defense of Masculinty and Muscle Act, also know as the No Fats No Fems Law.

The long standing rule within the LGBT community defines gay relations as "a union or sexual encounter between two non effeminate muscluar or other wise physically fit gay males."

The law has always caused polorizing opinions within the gay community with strong opinions rising from both sides.

Leyomi Breaks Dipping World Record After Doing Death Drop From Space

Dramatic Vogue Legend Leyomi is known for her gravity defying stunts and this time she out did her self. She's going where no ballroom participant has gone before without the aid of a pill or a line.

Hovering 230 miles above the Earth from a NASA Space Station Leyomi attempted something that has never been done before. Dipping from space.

To prepare the ballroom superstar spent weeks in Florida at an astronaut training camp where she was subjected to zero gravity simulations and getting comfortable in a space suit.

Woman on Maury Disputes Maternity of 3 Kids

Frebreeze Nelson, 25 is disputing the maternity of 3 children on the popular talk show Maury.

Frebreeze was requested to appear on the show after the children's father JerPrince Watts phoned the show.

JePrince says he puts the pipe down, so Frebreeze might be "numb down there" and maybe she couldn't feel the babies coming out, but those were her kids and he wanted answers today.

Flaming Gay Sets Building on Fire With His Presence

Firefighters are still putting out the last of the flames at a residence in Atlanta, Georgia after a local gay man set it ablaze just by walking in.

"Its rare we get these type of calls," firefigher Wallace Murphy told us. "Atlanta is full of flames, big ones, but they usually stay self contained. However, once in awhile you'll get that one that gets out of control and starts causing physical and structural damage in addition to just gagging the girls"

Terminally Ill Boy Dies After Picture of Him Doesn't Get Enough Likes on Facebook

An Arkansas family is reeling after their sick son Johnny Lewis, died of not getting enough likes on his facebook picture.