Woman on Maury Disputes Maternity of 3 Kids

Frebreeze Nelson, 25 is disputing the maternity of 3 children on the popular talk show Maury.

Frebreeze was requested to appear on the show after the children's father JerPrince Watts phoned the show.

JePrince says he puts the pipe down, so Frebreeze might be "numb down there" and maybe she couldn't feel the babies coming out, but those were her kids and he wanted answers today.

Flaming Gay Sets Building on Fire With His Presence

Firefighters are still putting out the last of the flames at a residence in Atlanta, Georgia after a local gay man set it ablaze just by walking in.

"Its rare we get these type of calls," firefigher Wallace Murphy told us. "Atlanta is full of flames, big ones, but they usually stay self contained. However, once in awhile you'll get that one that gets out of control and starts causing physical and structural damage in addition to just gagging the girls"

Terminally Ill Boy Dies After Picture of Him Doesn't Get Enough Likes on Facebook

An Arkansas family is reeling after their sick son Johnny Lewis, died of not getting enough likes on his facebook picture.

Man Arrested For Wishing A Nigga Would

A Texas man was arrested early Saturday afternoon in a shopping mall parking lot after the sherriff's office got a call that he was wishing a nigga would.

Authorities say around 1:30 pm DeJonTrey Williams pulled his newly purchased 88 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme into the parking lot after just having the car washed and wax with what should have been gas money. Herbet Henry, driving a 2014 BMW, came close to hitting the rusted back of the Cutlass and thats when police say things got out of hand.

Popeyes To Open New Supercenters in Urban Areas

Popeyes, the popular chicken franchise says it has big plans for 2015, including opening 4000 120,000 square foot supercenters.

The new superstores called Popeye's Big Roosters or Popeyes Big Cocks are being built to serve the food chains growing customer base.

Anthony Anderson, Jennifer Hudson to Star in Disney Remake of '90's Film Bebe's Kids

Disney announced on Friday its plans to remake the popular 1992 Robin Harris film 'Bebe's Kid's' to kick off its new series of Heritage Films geared at the African American community.

"After the sucess of the Princess and the Frog, we knew there was an untapped market that needed to be addressed." Susan Miller head of the Muliticulture Department said. "We knew for our new Heritage series we wanted to tell the stories African Americans could recognize and form an emotional connection to."

Mariah Carey's Wind Machine Hospitalized For Exhaustion

Mariah Carey has had to cancel at least three performances after her wind machine was hospitalized earlier this week from exhaustion.

"We all saw this coming" one of Carey's backup singers said. "That machine puts in work. Its with her on and off stage all the time. I heard its even been in the shower with her."

Mariah, upon hearing the news rushed to be at her wind machine's side.

"She's absolutely devastated. No one blows her like that machine does."

Woman Adds Ex Boyfriend's New Girlfriend Just to Be Trifilin

A Nebraska woman admits she added her ex boyfriend's new girlfriend as a friend on Facebook just to be trifilin and start some sh*t.

"Now that me and him aren't together I have nothing going on. I'm just doing this to fuck with her and pass the time til I find a new man and his ex girl can do this to me."

Make A Wish Foundation Fulfills Girls Dream of Being in WorldStarHipHop Fight Video

The Make A Wish Foundation made a little girls dreams come true as they arranged for her to get her ass kicked in a video they would upload to the popular video sharing website WorldStarHipHop.

Keyshia Cole Grammy Red Carpet Fish Fry A Success

Singer and Basketball Wife Keyshia Cole is said to have sold a record number of fried tilapia, whiting and catfish dinners on the Grammy red carpet Sunday night.

Not asked to perform, appear, present, seat fill, or watch the show, Keyshia was allowed to sell hot plates as guests arrived to the venue.