Atlanta Rapper Shoots Himself During Feud With Alter Ego

Atlanta Rapper Lil Brain was hospitalized late Monday night after shooting himself in a club bathroom after a fight with his alter ego Big Fuc Up escalated.

The feud started earlier this year when Big Fuc Up made a guest appearance on a track with Lil Flop a rival of Lil Brain's called No Brains and took shots at himself.

"Big Fuc gets all the chicks
While No Brains gay ass takes all the dicks
You dress up like a girl when nobodys lookin
Pretending you da black Martha Stewart when you cookin"

Woman Stabs Boyfriend For Kissing Her During Scandal

A Vermont woman was arrested last Thursday for stabbing her boyfriend after he kissed her during Scandal and she missed a moment of the show. DeWanda Williams waited until a commercial at 9:15 and stabbed her boyfriend and waited until 10:30 to call 911. When asked why she waited an additional 30 minutes after the show ended to call, Williams stated she usually needs 30 minutes after the show to get her mind together, call her girlfriends to talk about Olivia's jacket and update her Facebook status.

Congress Approves Bill Lowering Minimum 'Gas Money' Rate Back to $5

(Washington, DC) In a show of bipartisan support both the House and the Senate agreed to lower the effective minimum gas money rate back down to $5 dollars. The decision comes after several consecutive months of low gas prices and it being to cold to walk anywhere.


First Look: Will Smith As Madea In Tyler Perry Biopic "Hallelujer"

Will Smith is headed back to the big screen taking on the dual role of playing Tyler Perry and Tyler Perry as Madea in the filmmaker's biopic "Hallelujer".

Written, Produced, Co-Directed by Perry and directed by Derek Blanks, "Hallelujer" takes a dramatic look at Perry's rise to fame.

"He changed the way Hollywood looked at Black Films and Black Men in Drag," film historian Dexton Stein commented in the Times. "Not since Wesley Snipes played Noxema Jackson in To Wong Fu had such a huge impact been made."

Judge Orders Drugs to Stay 100 Feet Away From DMX

A South Carolina judge has ruled that all narcotics must stay at least 100 feet away from DMX in a mandatory restraining order. Earlier this year the judge ordered DMX stay away from drugs but the former rap star refused.

"When the two of you get together, its no good for anyone." The judge stated in his ruling. "This is whats best for all of us."

"The room was filled with a huge sigh of relief" one courtroom witness told us "No one seemed more relieved than Cocaine"

Elderly White Woman Shocked Black Youth Didn't Rob Her

An area elderly woman is still reeling after encountering a black youth that didn't snatch her purse as he walked by.

"It just caught me completely off guard" Melinda Wilson, 64 said. "I thought thats what most of them did for a living"

Wilson said as she heard the black teenager approaching, she immediately clutched her purse close to her and waited to be attacked. "I braced myself for the worst, I closed my eyes and held my breath. I was overwhelmed when he just kept walking."

Congressional Probe To Investigate if Kelly Price Was Booked

A Congressional probe began today investigating allegations that Kelly Price wasn't booked during her appearance on R & B Divas L.A.

During several scenes of the TV One original show, Kelly Price claimed she couldn't keep dates with her castmates because she was "booked".

Woman's Edges Tells Tale of Abuse, Neglect

(Jacksonville, Florida) A Florida woman's edges are in protective custody after saying they suffered years of abuse at the hands of their owner.

Dasani Flowers, 40, is being charged with not properly caring for her edges in a cycle of abuse they say went on for more than 20 years.

National Weather Service Issues Winter Weather Advisory for Side B*tches and Jumpoffs

With record low temperatures this season, The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Winter Weather Advisory for Side Bitches and Jumpoffs saying they'll need to find their own man to help keep warm.

Teen Sentenced to 10 Years For Stepping on Crack And Breaking Mother's Back

The judge called it "complete and utter disregard for the safety of one's mother" as he sentenced 17 year old Hil'Larious Brown to 10 Years in prison for stepping on a side walk crack and subsequently breaking his mother's back.