K. Michelle's Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart Album First To Be Certified Asphalt By Billboard

The RIAA released its new categories for lower selling albums earlier today and K. Michelle's was one of the first to be certified Asphalt.

"This can be a tough business and we don't want anyone to feel left out" a spokesperson for the RIAA said. "Everyone deserves a certification even if only close relatives and a few friends from highschool purchased their album."

HP Denies Rumors of Beats By Chris Brown Headphones, Speakers

A representative from HP has denied rumors that they were partnering with Chris Brown to launch a new sound system line.

"Right now our finances couldn't take a hit. This type of deal might bruise our reputation and bleed out our accounts. It would take a lot of stitches to fix this type of thing were it to go wrong."


Movie About 245 Missing Nigerian Schoolgirls To Feature All White Cast

Austrailian director Wallace Kirb has begun casting for his blockbuster 245 Schoolgirls, based on the kidnapping of 245 Nigerian girls, but says the movie will feature and all white cast.

The film will keep all names and locations the same just the race of the characters will be different. Though met with some opposition Kirb says it was an easy decision.

"Blacks love it when we tell their stories through a white lens, especially historical films. The race of the characters is umimportant as long as the heart of the film is there."

Red Cross To Donate Likes and Comments To Unliked Selfies on Facebook/Instagram

The Red Cross is tackling the unliked selfies epidemic head on by donating likes and comments to users who have posted selfies and recieved limited or no likes at all.

The initiative comes shortly after over 2 million users posted ignored selfies and threatened to take a break from the popular social networking site or deactivate their accounts.

Solange Knowles Challenges Floyd Mayweather to Defend Title

Fresh off her win against Jay Z, R&B Boxing Champion Solange "Hey Wait A Minute Ain't That Beyonce's Sister" Knowles has issued a challenge to the currently undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. to go one on one with her in the ring.

In her constant quest to distance herself from her sister's career, Solange recently took up soccer, kickboxing, kickball, MMA Fighting and most recently becoming Jay Z's 100th problem. Following the bout with her brother-in-law, Knowles called out Mayweather via twitter:

Chinese Shopper Horrified After Being Followed Around Store By Black Store Owner

A local chinese woman says she was horrified and humiliated after being followed while shopping by the black store owner.

Mei Tso says she stepped into Carl's Collectables in search of a gift for her father but the shopping trip soon turned sour when she realized the store owner was following her down each aisle.

"At first I thought he was being helpful," Tso said, wiping tears from her eyes. "Ever so often he would say, are you finding everything ok? Do you need any assistance? What were you looking to purchase? Typical questions."

Nicki Minaj's Face Gets Stuck During Concert

Nicki Minaj found herself all up all up all up in the emergency room with the funny face, after her face got stuck during a recent performance.

Minaj, known for her wild facial expressions was in the middle of her verse off Kanye's Monster when she stopped rapping and waved her hands wildly yelling she couldn't move her face. The audience unaware of what was going on made the same face Nicki's was stuck in and waved their hands yelling "I can't move my face" for 30 minutes before anyone caught on that the rapper was in trouble.

Caged Bird Says He Never Met Maya Angelou, Talks Album Release

The Caged Bird, known by his friends as Cecil, said he never met Maya Angelou, who made him famous after writing a biographical poem about his life on the inside.

"I don't get out much" Cecil told us while we fed him seeds through his cage bars. "So I was shocked she even knew who I was or knew my story."

At Risk Youth Volunteer to Teach NBA Players About Safe Sex

At risk youth from communites all over the country have volunteered to teach NBA players about birth control and safe sex.

"It's hard out there for them, ya know" Converse Williams, founder of Teens Against Raw Ballin said in a recent interview. "There's so much temptation out there and we just want them to know they have alternatives to getting some random bust down pregnant, ruining their relationships, and going broke paying child support to someone who is a professional baller baby's mama"

Rosetta Stone Introducing New Holy Ghost Tongues Version of Language Software

Tie-my-bow-tie and other slain in the spirit phrases have been translated for the first time and are now available for you to learn at home as Rosetta Stone introduces the Holy Ghost Tongues version of its popular language learning software.