The Struggle Is Real: Keyshia Cole Signs Up As Uber Driver To Finance Album

Apparently selling fish dinners isn't enough.  In order to help finance her newest album and release it independently, Keyshia Cole has reportedly signed up as an Uber driver.  Avoiding traditional routes such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe, Cole will be getting up close and personal with fans to supplement income that would have come from her last cd which sold only 43,000 copies worldwide.

Music sales strategist Carl Fienstien called the idea genius.

"Keyshia is at a pivitol moment in her career where she can take complete control of how she releases her art because no one is paying attention"

Despite announcing twice during the 2015 BET Awards that she would be releasing an album, Twitter seemed to hardly notice:

Her job as an Uber driver will also serve as a backdrop for her latest BET reality show, Keyshia's Cole Slaw, which follows her delivering her famous fish platters to Atlanta's elite.

A representative from Uber said they were thrilled to have the singer join their roster.

"We are happy to keep another singer from appearing on R&B Divas"  the rep said in a statement.

Although she didn't mention an actual number she was trying to reach donations have already started rolling in.  Most of them however, have been for Cole not to release an album or ever sing again.

The album, which is slated for release later this year, will be Cole's first since her 2014 Point Of No Return.

Cole joins a growing number of artists finding alternative ways to finance their projects.  Blu Cantrell recently raised $500 selling Krispy Kreme donuts to keep her lights on. 

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