Rosetta Stone Introducing New Holy Ghost Tongues Version of Language Software

Tie-my-bow-tie and other slain in the spirit phrases have been translated for the first time and are now available for you to learn at home as Rosetta Stone introduces the Holy Ghost Tongues version of its popular language learning software.

"We consulted for years with pastors, bishops, evangelicals and everyday whorshippers to bring together what we think is the most comprehensive collection of praise speak" Philip Jakes, head of translations said when speaking to us. "Whether you're looking to the hills from which cometh your help at First Baptist or treading on serpents at New Harvest you'll be able to understand every hallelujah."

Thought by many non believers to be a bunch of made up gibberish Sister Clara Mason of Good Shepard Church of Christ says shes happy tongues is finally being recognized as a real language and being translated. "First giving honor to God, Pastor and First Lady of Good Shepard located at 223 Main Street, I just want to say thank you. Thank you Lord for this day. Thank you Lord for this word. It will be such a blessing to be in the middle of the store and get the last box of Nutri-Grain bars and hollar out 'Oh Shabah' and have people understand what you mean."

General Cletus Jackson, a soldier in the army of the Lord says, the Battle is Not Yours Edition of Holy Ghost Tongues made especially for the military saints, gives the children of God a secret weapon during spiritual warefare. "Our intelligence sources tell us that those who would trespass against us have no current knowledge of the language and therefor we can speak in the presence of mine enemy and fear no evil."

With over 60,000 words and phrases included in the basic edition, Tongues starts with simple terms such as ma-ma-my-glowray(meaning to my God be the glory) to more advanced terminology such as whooa nah nah (whats my name) and hes-a-comin-in-a-honda (meaning thank you Lord for helping me make my car payment).

The Tongues will come in several other versions including Cogic, Baptist, Pentacostal and a Holiday edition for saints that only attend Easter and Mother's Day services.

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