Popeyes To Start Construction On Supercenters In Urban Areas

Popeyes, the popular chicken franchise says it has big plans for 2017, including opening 4000 120,000 square foot supercenters.

The new superstores called Popeye's Big Roosters or Popeyes Big Cocks are being built to serve the food chains growing customer base.

"Our business has quadrupaled over the past 5 years. In these areas we find a lot of the residents love chicken, and will eat as much as you give them" Lawrence Walker head of business development for Popeyes told us. "Expanding our stores was a natural progression, especially in our urban market where no one cares about their dietary health and reproduce more little greasy chicken eaters so quickly."

The new stores will be all things Chicken and Popeyes will come complete with 50 check out lines of which only 4 will be open, 30 buffet style troughs full of mashed potatoes, gravy, fries as well as chicken liver, kidneys, gizzards, feet, necks, toes, intestines, and a vending machine that dispenses a 5 piece.

With bigger stores comes bigger menu items. You can now purchase up to a 500 hundred piece with 250 sides and 100 different toppings including hot sauce, watermelon juice, and sunflower seeds. The supercenters will also feature new larger drink sizes named plus size, big boned, thick in the right places and the super sweet cookout cooler sized tea aptly named Liquid Diabetes.

The stores will also include a day care center where children 8 months to 4 are taught the basics of deep frying, a Starbucks that only sells specialized chicken and coffee drinks such as the 2 thighs and a Biscuit Caramel Macchiato with a double shot of gravy, and a hair salon that styles your hair with repurposed shortening grease.

Stores are set to open in any cities with a Martin Luther King Jr Street, Avenue, Drive or Boulevard beside the old shopping center thats now a church.

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