Nicki Minaj's Face Gets Stuck During Concert

Nicki Minaj found herself all up all up all up in the emergency room with the funny face, after her face got stuck during a recent performance.

Minaj, known for her wild facial expressions was in the middle of her verse off Kanye's Monster when she stopped rapping and waved her hands wildly yelling she couldn't move her face. The audience unaware of what was going on made the same face Nicki's was stuck in and waved their hands yelling "I can't move my face" for 30 minutes before anyone caught on that the rapper was in trouble.

"I thought it was a part of the show" one concert goer admitted "Funny faces, incoherent rapping, I thought she was making fun of Lil Kim's plastic surgery like she always does"

Minaj's facial expression coach famed comedian Jim Carey said he warned Nicki months ago that this could happen. "The same thing happened to me on the set of "The Mask" years ago. When you over work your face this is the price you end up paying."

No word yet on whether Nicki's face is unstuck, though we doubt we'd ever be able to tell the difference.

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