Movie About 245 Missing Nigerian Schoolgirls To Feature All White Cast

Austrailian director Wallace Kirb has begun casting for his blockbuster 245 Schoolgirls, based on the kidnapping of 245 Nigerian girls, but says the movie will feature and all white cast.

The film will keep all names and locations the same just the race of the characters will be different. Though met with some opposition Kirb says it was an easy decision.

"Blacks love it when we tell their stories through a white lens, especially historical films. The race of the characters is umimportant as long as the heart of the film is there."

Executive Producer Gary Falwell says it just makes more sense retelling the story this way.

"You want the audience to empathize with your characters, their struggles and hardships and no one group of people have more struggles around the world than white girls. The things these girl go through on a daily basis with the threat of war, death, rape, slavery and kidnapping are already intense, but we know the audience will connect even more when they see these injustices being done to a young innocent white child."

The WhiteWasher Studios, the company producting the film says their behind Kirb and Falwell 100 percent.

"Statistics show that African Americans and the rest of the world have a short attention span about "black people issues" especially black women unless that black person is a celebrity. #bringbackourgirls was a trending topic on Twitter for about 2 hours before #SolangeVsJayZ took over. 245 Missing black girls were no match black on black violence. One missing white girl is a media gold mine but 245 is a mechandising jackpot. We're already working on a sequel, tee shirts, a barbie, a reality show, a benefit concert. The possibilities are endless."

The film is already being hailed as an Oscar contender and the LA chapter of the NAACP awarded Kirb with Director of the Year following his all white remake of the Color Purple.

"We think its great he's bringing these classic black films to a new audience by adding more white characters. Its a great way to get our stories heard." Mildred Jones, NAACP spokesperson said. "His version of Madea Goes to Jail grossed higher than Tyler Perry's so he's doing something right and we support him."

Kirb says his next big project is an all white version of Roots.

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