Judge Orders Drugs to Stay 100 Feet Away From DMX

A South Carolina judge has ruled that all narcotics must stay at least 100 feet away from DMX in a mandatory restraining order. Earlier this year the judge ordered DMX stay away from drugs but the former rap star refused.

"When the two of you get together, its no good for anyone." The judge stated in his ruling. "This is whats best for all of us."

"The room was filled with a huge sigh of relief" one courtroom witness told us "No one seemed more relieved than Cocaine"

If you may recall DMX and Coke have had an abusive on again off again relationship over the past 10 years. Cocaine was in the courtroom for the hearing and gave us this statement.

"I'm pleased with the judges ruling. Although myself, Weed and Crack have all stayed away from DMX in the past its him that always finds us. No matter how far I go, or how much it costs he always finds me. He even showed up to my mama's house a few times. I don't need that type of drama in my life."

This particular judge is known for issuing out dual restraining orders. This is the same judge that ordered Lil Wayne to stay away from Long Haired Thick Red Bones after Lauren London became pregant.

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