God Denies Ever Speaking To Creflo Dollar

(Heaven, Eternity) In a statement released from Heaven early Sunday morning God denied having ever spoke to Pastor Creflo Dollar about purchasing a $65 Million Dollar private jet.

Dollar recently launched Project G650, a campaign to get 200,000 people to donate $300 each so that his ministry can fly high and in style. In a video posted on his website, Dollar notes that his current private jet was purchased in 1999 and recently suffered from a failed engine while traveling overseas, resulting in an emergency landing.

“Due to this recent incident coupled with the 31 years the airplane has been in service, we believe it is time to replace this aircraft so that our Pastors and staff can continue to safely and swiftly share the Good News of the Gospel worldwide,” the website reads. “We need your help to continue reaching a lost and dying world for the Lord Jesus Christ.”

In his statement God denied that all of these claims were false.

"That was clearly a figment of his imagination. I would never instruct my true and real servants to purchase a private jet to fly worldwide when so many of my children go hungry, homeless and uneducated in Creflo's own community.

I've gone on the record several times speaking against such notions. If anything Creflo and others like him have ignored my teachings and misinterpreted my words for financial gain.

Dollar has an estimated net worth of $27 million, 900 times more than the $29,640 average annual income in College Park, Ga. where his church is located. His claim is ridiculous, irresponsible and proof he doesn't know me or my ways."

The Mainline, which handles daily prayer requests said that even if Dollar had gotten through to God he never responds to requests made out of vanity or greed and called his campaign an abuse of power.

"We get trillions of prayers on a daily basis, from believers who just want to eat, avoid being raped or shot and have a warm place to sleep at night.  A private jet is just not on heavens list of priorities.  Only a fool or a mindless sheep would believe such nonsense."

Sources say Jesus took to Gracebook (heavens social network) to vent his frustration quoted as saying "I traveled by foot and rode into town on an ass, why does he need a jet? #youcankeepyamoney #bewarefalseprophets"

Dollar was unavailable for comment.

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