Chinese Shopper Horrified After Being Followed Around Store By Black Store Owner

A local chinese woman says she was horrified and humiliated after being followed while shopping by the black store owner.

Mei Tso says she stepped into Carl's Collectables in search of a gift for her father but the shopping trip soon turned sour when she realized the store owner was following her down each aisle.

"At first I thought he was being helpful," Tso said, wiping tears from her eyes. "Ever so often he would say, are you finding everything ok? Do you need any assistance? What were you looking to purchase? Typical questions."

Mei beame suspicious of the store owners intentions as his questions became more aggresive and he hovered over her as she browsed.

"He asked if I had any money and if I really intented to buy something. He said if I didn't have any money that I should leave his store, that he had a problem with my people coming in the store and shoplifting. I was mortified. To assume I was going to steal and that I didn't have any money? Who does that?"

Community Relations director Marcia Stanberg called the store owners actions unacceptable.

"Normally we see racial profiling with African American and Hispanic shoppers, they all steal, no matter how well dressed or well spoken, but to profile this beautiful young Asian woman is outrageous." Stanberg remarked at a news conference held at Mei's residence.

"If they'll do this to her its only a matter of time before they start profiling Caucasian shoppers as well, and no White person has ever stolen anything ever."

Mei says it will be a long time before she goes shopping again. "I just don't see myself going in a store if I'll be treated like a minority criminal. No one should unfairly profiled except for them."

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