Atlanta Rapper Shoots Himself During Feud With Alter Ego

Atlanta Rapper Lil Brain was hospitalized late Monday night after shooting himself in a club bathroom after a fight with his alter ego Big Fuc Up escalated.

The feud started earlier this year when Big Fuc Up made a guest appearance on a track with Lil Flop a rival of Lil Brain's called No Brains and took shots at himself.

"Big Fuc gets all the chicks
While No Brains gay ass takes all the dicks
You dress up like a girl when nobodys lookin
Pretending you da black Martha Stewart when you cookin"

Fuc's verse only helped to fuel rumors that Lil Brain was a cross dressing, cake baking, fudge packer and prompted Brain to collaborate with Big Fuc Up's rival female rapper Pus Bush on a diss track "Who Gives A Flying Fuc" Lil Brain's response was short and kinda gay.

"Meet me in the back alley
We can have some fun
Let my eyes roll back
While ya lips around my gun"

Lil Brain also released an Itunes only single You're A Big Fat Sloppy Fuc Up where he took jabs at Big Fuc Up's weight battle and poor hygiene. The feud came to a head when both artists showed up to Lil Flops album release party where Lil Brain had planned to shoot Flop over the diss track.

"When Lil Brain went to shoot Lil Flop, Big Fuc Up wouldn't let him" a club patron stated "They started fighting and ended up in the bathroom and thats when we all heard gunshots"

Police say while they are happy no one else was injured this type of behavior from rappers isn't surprising. "What do you expect from a Lil Brain, a Flop and A Big Fuc Up?"

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