Dionne Warwick Says DNA Test Will Prove Aretha Is Whitney's Godmother

Dionne Warwick is clapping back at claims that she committed libel by saying Aretha Franklin was Whitney Houston's godmother and says DNA will exonerate her.  

In a press release sent to the Associated Press via messenger pigeon Dionne fires back saying "I'm 1000 percent sure Hateretha is the godmother"  "Look at her and look at Whitney, they have the same eyes, teeth and everything"

Trouble started  Franklin sent “a lengthy fax” to the A.P. on Monday before calling Tuesday to discuss what she said was a “libelous” statement that Warwick made in 2012.

Why Black Feminists Should Stand Up For Tomi Lahren Now More Than Ever

Earlier this month Tomi Lahren was terminated from her job at The Blaze for an offense most black women and women of color know all to well.  Speaking their mind.  If we want to progress and move forward, one woman's struggles must be all our struggles.  Tomi is an example of what happens when a strong woman dares step outside the status quo and state her own opinion.

Tomi Lahren, the young, incendiary conservative commentator, is now suing her former boss, Glenn Beck, and his media firm, The Blaze, for wrongful termination over her pro-choice comments. 

Charlie Sheen Meets With Trump To Combat Inner Suburban Violence and Drug Use

Earlier today President Elect met with Charlie Sheen to discuss his administration's plans to tackle violence and drug use in Inner suburban communities.

"The suburbs are a disaster." Trump said during a press conference following the meeting. "The whites are doing meth and prescription drugs at an alarming rate. They have no jobs and no education. Dangerous places."

Meek Mill To Be Inducted Into Guinness World Records For Taking The Most Consecutive L's

Rapper Meek Mill who's real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams is being inducted into the Guiness World Records in a new set of "Urban Categories" aimed at hip hop and popular culture.  After polling readers and twitter the Guiness committee came up with the names and began to determin the eligiblity list.  One of the most popular new categories was one titled who had taken the most L's or losses over a consecutive period.

The Struggle Is Real: Keyshia Cole Signs Up As Uber Driver To Finance Album

Apparently selling fish dinners isn't enough.  In order to help finance her newest album and release it independently, Keyshia Cole has reportedly signed up as an Uber driver.  Avoiding traditional routes such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe, Cole will be getting up close and personal with fans to supplement income that would have come from her last cd which sold only 43,000 copies worldwide.

Music sales strategist Carl Fienstien called the idea genius.

Rachel Dolezal's 10 Best Appropriated Looks

Just long enough to distract you from McKinney Texas, Rachel Dolezal trolls on to the scene with her box braids and faux bandu knot no heat curl outs.  We said "what would buzzfeed do" so we pulled together some of her best appropriated looks.  While this incident has led to many questions ours is simple. Gurl who did your hair?

Bill Gates Offers Young Thug $9,000,000 Cash To Stop Making Music; Read What Gates Had To Say

ATLANTA – It is being reported that Multi-Billionaire Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, has offered Atlanta Rapper Young Thug 9 Million dollars cash to stop making music.

Woman Cons $10K A Month By Asking Boyfriends For Abortion Money

A 27-year-old woman, Natasha Brown, was pulled over early Tuesday morning for a traffic violation. When officers decided to search her vehicle where they discovered $60,000 in cash. When asked why she had such a large amount of money she replied “I’m getting an abortion” she was taken into custody for further questioning.

Kanye West Files For Tax Exempt Status For “Church Of Yeezus”

People who enjoy the music and other creature ventures of music star Kanye West are no longer simply his fans, but his religious disciples… whether they want to be or not. That’s because West officially filed for tax exempt status in the United States this week, forming a new religion which he’s dubbed “The Church of Yeezus.”

God Denies Ever Speaking To Creflo Dollar

(Heaven, Eternity) In a statement released from Heaven early Sunday morning God denied having ever spoke to Pastor Creflo Dollar about purchasing a $65 Million Dollar private jet.